Hear From a ‘Real’ Side Chick This Sunday on Sound of Feelings

Written by on 9 June 2017

What could be realer than a self-admitted side chick? How about a whole group of them on the aptly named “The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte”? The much-anticipated show is set to debut to much fanfare, curiosity and even disbelief. And, as a sneak peek, “Sound of Feelings” will have Tiffany Nicole, one of the cast members, for an interview this Sunday at 5 pm. Listen to her dish about her life as a side chick, the good, the bad and the shady, what she hopes to accomplish with the show and much more. Hear everything from the mouth of a real-life side chick, no filter, no editing, everything out on the table. Tune to get her take and, of course, your calls and comments are encouraged, but, be nice since “Sound of Feelings” is a no-judgement zone.


You also don’t want to miss the show’s other segments, which include: What’s Happening and People Grow People, along with topics like How to be Single and informative hair care tips. Join the fun from 4 to 6 pm this Sunday, only on the A Side at Tha Afterparty Radio.

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