George Zimmerman Wasn’t Raised Right

Written by on 18 May 2016

The not-convicted murderer, George Zimmerman, claimed that Trayvon Martin’s parents didn’t raise the teen right, but maybe the statement holds true for Zimmerman who has zero class and can’t seem to shut up. It’s bad enough that he got away with murder, attacking girlfriends and who knows what else, but the fact that he keeps gloating about the murder can’t be ignored.

Just recently, Zimmerman actually had the audacity to try to sell the gun he killed Trayvon with like it’s a trophy. Now, he went on some rambling rant of an interview scolding Trayvon’s parents for not raising the teen right, claiming the parents are using their son’s death for their own benefit and attacking the Black Lives Matter movement.

Zimmerman is the one who seems like he was raised by animals because after the tragedy, whether he felt he was justified or not for killing a young man, why continue to bash the Martin family? Why continue to add fuel to the fire? Why not ride off into the sunset so we never have to see that self-righteous smirk again? Why can’t Zimmerman just shut up and let Trayvon rest in peace and the family mourn in peace? Obviously that’s not going to happen when you’re a wild, feral animal like George Zimmerman.

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