#FeelForFlint and Help Tha Afterparty Radio’s Water Drive to #FillForFlint

Written by on 24 June 2016

The residents of Flint, Michigan are in an unprecedented situation where their own water isn’t safe enough to drink. These residents don’t have the luxury of turning on the tap for essential water, but instead, they have to purchase bottled water for all of their needs. Of course, residents without the means aren’t so easily able to get water and that’s where you come in. Tha Afterparty Radio wants to help the residents of Flint by collecting monetary donations from now through the month of July to buy and ship a pallet of water to send to Flint. This water can be life-saving for many and is desperately needed. So, why don’t you #FeelForFlint and help us get the water to #FillForFlint?

Monetary donations can be sent through our GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/ThaAfterparty or PayPal at thaafterparty.radio@gmail.com. All funds collected will benefit Crossing Waters who are committed to helping the people of Flint. #FeelForFlint and #FillForFlint

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  1. Qash Montana   On   24 June 2016 at 11:40 am

    Mr. Qash Montana, formerly Jerrell QashFlo is Happy to be donating, giving and sharing in the support of those less fortunate than us. As an independent artist ,I feel it’s IMPORTANT to Support those, whose genuine mission is to be an EFFECTIVE voice within our community. That is the whole entire staff at Tha After Afterparty Radio.

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