“Empire” Strikes Back Tonight, What Do You Want to See this Season?

Written by on 30 March 2016

It’s Wednesday. It’s March 30. You know what that means, right? Return of “Empire!” Yes, the ground-breaking dramedy is back for its 3rd season with the antics of Cookie, Lucious, Jamal and the rest of ‘em. Last season left a lot of cliff-hangers. Who pushed Rhonda? Will she and the baby survive? How is Andre holding up? What’s going to happen after Hakeem turned his back on his family? Who’s going to take over the Empire? So many questions, such a [hopefully] action-packed, drama-filled, song-riddled season. And hopefully this season, Lucious won’t sing and rap so damn much, but Freda Gatz will continue to deliver that fire. What are you expecting from “Empire” tonight and the rest of season? Who do you want to see more of or less from?


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