Empire Hangover: Was That the Best ‘Empire’ Ever?!

Written by on 12 May 2016

Last night’s “Empire” was CRAZY! There were too many OMG moments to count, but in short, we had budding relationships, splintered relationships, homophobia, mental illness, Feds, drug abuse, attempted murder accusations, family betrayal and oh yeah, one crazy shooting scene. All of this is a build-up to the season finale that’s going to absolutely nuts next week.

We have so many questions to get answered that it’s hard to keep up. Will Jamal pull through? Will Hakeem and Laura get married? What will Lucious’ mom reveal? Will Rhonda kick Annika’s ass? Will Cookie and Lucious get back together? Do the Feds have a strong enough case to bring the Empire down once and for all?

What are you looking forward to next week? Join the “Empire” conversation and tell us your favorite moments from last night and the entire season.

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