Election Day Tomorrow — End of Chaos or Just Beginning?

Written by on 7 November 2016

Leaked tapes, hacked emails, Russian interference and questionable FBI investigations are just the tip of the iceberg with this crazy election. While this has undoubtedly been the wildest, most shocking presidential election possibly ever, as usual, it still culminates on Tuesday, November 8, election day. Election day determines who will be president and then all this craziness is over, right? Nope, not if it’s up to Donald Trump. With allegations of a rigged political system, voter fraud, voter intimidation antics and the gearing up of so-called voter watcher militias, this election might be something that we haven’t seen. Add to the fact that Trump has brashly boasted that he won’t accept the results unless he’s the victor is only adding to the uncertainty of the election.

With an already divided electorate, this election day could bring chaos and violence, which has been fueled by the paranoia, fear and anger that has been bubbling just below the surface for years. The fragile psyche of this group is being seriously challenged, and there’s no telling what they are capable of after being fed, prodded and poked by Trump for more than a year. Despite the election of lifetime, this one like any other should be a peaceful process. At the end of the day, we are one nation under God despite our differences, and we owe it to our future as a nation to move forward in a cohesive and violent-free manner.

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