Don’t Let V-Day Define You or Your Relationship

Written by on 13 February 2016

As is custom this time of year, love, chocolate and flowers are abundant. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! It can be an exciting time for those in relationships, but it can be downright depressing for those single folks. Regardless of your relationship status, don’t let Valentine’s Day define you as a person or your relationship. At the end of the day, it’s just another day.

Just because it’s February 14, that doesn’t mean that it’s some magical day where everything will have a fairytale ending. Things can go wrong just like any other day of the year, so if you’re in a relationship, don’t expect your partner to be perfect. More than likely he or she will be the same person he or she is every other day, both good and bad. Don’t fault them if they fall short of your expectations because your expectations might be unrealistically high. Have your Valentine’s fun, then chill out and act like you always do. Your partner will appreciate you being yourself.

If you’re single, not having a Valentine is most definitely not the end of the world. You should love and appreciate yourself on this day like you should on any other day. Appreciate the fact that no one can love and appreciate you like you can. And you can also probably get some satisfaction in the fact that those people who are going overboard for V-Day are spending a little too much money, eating a little too much food and getting a little too lovey-dovey. Don’t be surprised in the near future if they’re broke, put on some extra pounds and have a bundle of joy on the way.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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