Dallas Politicians Gone Wild with Jesus in the House

Written by on 23 February 2016

Politicians gone wild is nothing new. In fact, the current presidential campaign is testament to that. But when politicians almost engage in fisticuffs? Well, that’s a whole different story. Case in point, the well-known and quite infamous Dallas County Commissioner, John Wiley Price, got into an almost-all-out-brawl with former Dallas interim mayor and Dallas City Council member/long-running political rival, Dwaine Caraway in what can only be described as what “The Boondocks” refer to as a “nigga moment.”

If that’s not enough, to make matters even stranger, they were guests on a gospel radio station for a political debate and actually fought in front of a “Jesus” poster. The reason for the chaos? Mr. Caraway accused Mr. Price of sleeping with his wife and “messing up his house.” The wife in question is Mr. Caraway’s first wife, whom he divorced some 22 years ago in 1994. Hmmm…

Of course, the politicians are now more than apologetic with each apologizing for their behavior as public figures, but each pointing the finger at each other for instigating. What’s even more intriguing is the fact that Mr. Caraway’s current wife, a former state representative, Barbara Mallory Caraway, is currently running for a seat in the U. S. House of Representatives.

And, and, wait – The Caraways aren’t the oh-so-blissfully-happily-married couple, which was evident in a 2011 incident where the two had a confrontation at home. At that time, the mister accused the missus of having a “chemical imbalance,” publicly blasting her.

The Caraway camp held a press conference to do some damage control and battle the image of an enraged and potty-mouth Mr. Caraway attacking a fellow politician over his “first wife.” They claim to have proof that Mr. Price attacked one of Mr. Caraway’s staff members.

No matter the true reasons, motives or background, this isn’t about politics, but instead is all about a personal beef and maybe a love triangle. Check out the footage for yourself and decide what’s really going on.

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