Chrisette Michele: You Got Played, So Stop Trying to Play Us, Says Listener

Written by on 25 January 2017

After performing at the inaugural ball, we asked on-air if Chrisette Michele made a play or got played. This is what one of our loyal listeners had to say:

“Chrisette, honey, you made your choice to perform for President Trump and you got played by the Trump administration, lost a legion of fans, became a spectacle and even admittedly got disowned by some family members. You were smart enough to know that there would be intense backlash. You faced it and weathered through to muster up enough whatever-it-took (not courage) for you to perform at one of the inaugural balls.

Hopefully, you got your check since you didn’t get to perform at the main concert or get to shake the president’s hand (as if that’s an honor). You already wrote your cop-out open letter as if you were performing a grand, magnanimous gesture to help all of us downtrodden people out here. You had the audacity to act like you were the unofficial “black people spokeswoman.”

Now, you have your new little poetry track, “No Political Genius,” where you attempt to come off as a pseudo-intellectual, trying to justify your situation in a way that should be pleasing to our ears, but fell flatly and un-rhythmically short.

No, Chrisette, you failed, just as you have every step of the way with this choice. Just go ahead and be honest and said that you did it for the money and to get on the big stage. Just because you got played by The Donald and his team, it doesn’t mean you should keep trying to play us with your “alternative facts.” You may be “no political genius,” but you had enough political savvy to make yourself relevant and revive a lifeless career.”

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