Chill, Trump: Orange You Glad We Have Free Press and Free Speech?

Written by on 23 January 2017

It’s no secret that now President Trump seems to have vitriol dripping out of everywhere when it comes to what he considers the mainstream, liberal media. While many people have bones to pick with the media with their coverage of c stories, alleged slanting and inability to get it right all of the time, Trump’s accusations and contempt reach beyond the traditional media.

An attack on the media is not only an attack on freedom of the press but free speech which includes the arts. If an artist makes a song that is deemed too derogatory of this president, what’s to say that he or she won’t be blackballed, intimidated, silenced or worse? Are our constitutionally protected rights that are some of this country’s most endearing and basic qualities doomed under a Trump administration? Judging by the unprecedented spite against the press, it seems only a matter of time before dissenters are rounded up because anything unpleasant to the dictator-in-chief will be viewed as a no-no. FOX news might just become our very own state-run media. So sad!

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