Celebrate Pretty Brown Girl Day on Feb. 27

Written by on 18 February 2016

In honor and celebration of all the pretty brown girls out there doing awesome things and proving they are more than just their skin tone, International Pretty Brown Girl Day will be celebrated on Saturday, February 27. This celebratory day actualizes the mission of the Pretty Brown Girl Movement, which is celebrated the 4th Saturday in February. It is “a day of camaraderie, for girls of all ages to have fun, bond with others and reflect on their inner beauty.

With so much negative perception and representation of black girls in general, this is a great way to not only promote girl power and unity but to provide the platform to let little black girls everywhere know that they do matter and they do have a voice. Gather all of your beautiful black girls and instill in them the self-esteem and worth they need and deserve to make a difference for years to come, not only on this day but every day.

To learn more, go to www.prettybrowngirl.com.

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