Capitalize the “B” for Black People, Does it Matter?

Written by on 9 March 2016

There’s currently a movement and petition going around that says the “b” should be capitalized when referring to black people. The reason? To signify our humanity, importance and cultural relevance and to distinguish us from simply the color black like in “black clothes” or a “black car.” A writer, Demetrius Walker, is spearheading the movement through a website called, He’s calling for the media, schools and everybody else to use a capital “B.”

Walker believes that by using a lowercase “b,” it’s disrespectful to blacks, our journey through this country and our legacy. The social media movement has gained steam and has a petition to “The New York Times” to change its policy.

What do you think? Does it matter? Will using “Black” over “black” make a difference in the lives of black people or how we’re treated? Should I have used “Black people” instead of “black people” in this post?

Sound off and #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel.

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