Breezy/Soulja Feud is More Manifestation of the ‘Black Thug’ Culture

Written by on 13 January 2017

Yeah, yeah, the Chris Brown-Soulja Boy feud is kinda funny and silly, if not annoying, with all of the little snapbacks, digs, barbs and hissy fits, but in a larger picture, it’s really not. In reality, it’s perpetuating the stereotype of the black man as the thug, the violent criminal to fear and the whole sense of black-on-black violence that white America loves to magnify and exploit as a way to justify white on black crime and other slights against blacks. While many are taking it for entertainment value, the seeds that it’s sowing go deeper into the soil to further flourish into a field of racism, prejudice and black exploitation that we all wish would just wilt away already.

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