Blac Chyna’s Mama Went All the Way in on Caitlyn Jenner

Written by on 17 July 2017

Oooohh, chile, Blac Chyna’s mama came out swinging and didn’t hold anything back against one Ms. Caitlyn Jenner. Mama Tokyo Toni took major offense to Jenner appearing on “The View,” after claiming to have never met Chyna and making a dig, insinuating that Rob should’ve chosen his baby mama better. Well, mama wasn’t having none of that as you can see in her rant that can only be described as transphobic and wildly outrageous with some racial epithets thrown into the boiling over mix of vitriol, disdain and plain out gutter-ness. You really just have to watch it for yourself because there’s probably not enough words to aptly describe it.

So, after viewing did Mama Tokyo just defend her young or come out a little too hard? You weigh in.

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