Beyoncé’s New Song Is Unapologetically Black, Bold, Brash and Feminist

Written by on 8 February 2016

Yes, Beyoncé did it again. Just when you think she couldn’t top herself, she came and hit us with “Formation.” The song that is proudly unapologetically black, bold, brash and feminist and has the Internet on fire. In the song, she talks about her culture, upbringing and how everything came together to create the magnificent creature that is Beyoncé. She used the word “Negro” in her song, which some people took offense to, but needs to be put into perspective instead of chastised. She’s using the word more in a historical context to explain her lineage and it’s a nod and a pride to her blackness that nobody should want to diminish. Bey is explaining there’s nothing wrong with being black, including having black features and a black attitude and personality. For example, Blue Ivy was in the video embracing her beautiful ‘fro. Embrace it, be proud. Whether you’re country, hood, upper crust or anything in between, remember – love that Negro in you; it made you who you are. Beyoncé, kudos, girl, you did it again. And in case, you haven’t heard it, take a listen here. Bey just came here to slay after all.

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