Back to Black: Being Black and Proud Should be Normalized and Not a Trend

Written by on 17 April 2018

It seems that we’re officially back to black where all things black are profitable and booming. Reminiscent of the “Black is Beautiful” and “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud” movements of the 1960s and 1970s, blackness has made a comeback in a huge way. Black movies are killing at the box office a la “Black Panther.” Beyoncé killed Coachella so much as the first black female headliner that there are cries to rename the festival “Beychella.” And, oh, yeah, Kendrick Lamar has been honored with a Pulitzer for his socially conscious, culture-driving music.

At a time when blackness is slowing becoming normalized and more appreciated than it has been in decades, it’s important to make sure that this isn’t just some fad. Just because we’re currently woke, conscious, proudly melanated, espousing that black lives matter and getting in formation, that doesn’t mean that’s going to always be the case and we must keep this sentiment going. With anything else, we see the ebb and flows where the buzz for this year can be an afterthought next year. Blackness has been, is and always will be something to love, appreciate and respect – not something that should be done for likes, followers, clicks and to capitalize. Let’s not have to wait another 30-40 years to see us returning to publicly loving and appreciating our blackness, which never goes out of style.

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