Are We Sacrificing Freedom of Speech in Music for Political Correctness?

Written by on 23 January 2018

Rapper Offset has recently been skewered for his word choice in a song. By using “queer” and stating that he doesn’t hang around those type of people, controversy has been following the artist to the point he felt compelled to issue a public apology. It was the standard he-didn’t-mean-to-offend-anyone; however, the backlash hasn’t seemed to subside very much. Even his fiancée and number one fan, Cardi B, felt the need to dish that she scolded him for his inappropriateness.

This brings us to the point – have we come to the point that we’ve had to sacrifice freedom of speech to be politically correct and not offend anyone? Music and art, in general, have long been known to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. In certain cases, art pushes the envelope so far that real change has been affected.

If we become so concerned with sparing feelings and not saying things that may be deemed unpleasant, we’re clearly losing our voice and our freedom of speech. Are we going to tell rappers that they can’t use “nigga” in a song because it’s too racist and harmful? Are we going to tell singers that they can’t sing about an ex because it’s considered bullying? No more use of “bitch” because it demeans women? Honestly, if that’s the case, we’re going to lose out on a lot of music.

Though many artists use what would be considered reprehensible language by society, they still have a right to express themselves. We’ve become a society so bent on political correctness that we can’t be honest and have real conversations because someone will get offended. Well, if a nun saved a baby and a puppy from a fire, someone, somewhere would still manage to get offended – you can’t please everyone. We do, though, need to stop telling people what they can or can’t say within reason. People have right to their own feelings, thoughts, and expressions whether or not we agree or not. Censorship should not be the route of the future.

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