Are we really supportive of our gay/transgender relatives?

Written by on 11 March 2013

So many of my friends and family are gay or transgender.  It never crossed my mind to have an opinion and I still don’t. Their choice was never my concern. However, after recent conversations, they’ve confided their family is not that cool with it.  It made me wonder about my own kids. I could not imagine, my 2 living a traditional life. At least by standards.
As parents, how much are we willing to accept?The parent’s of a 6 year old little boy, says it is okay for their son to wear dresses and use the girls’ restroom @ school.  Other parents’ have purchased under garments, dresses and make up for their sons.   To do this for  minor children, this is too much for  me to digest.  Does this make me an awful mother for not wanting to celebrate with my son or shop with him to find a fierce outfit? I hope not, because I won’t. A parents love is unconditional and non changing. I can not and will not attempt to change an
adults mind about any choice they’ve made for themselves. No one can change mine.

In preparation for Mondays show, I ask you, do you support the decision of a family member to live a transgendered relative?
Tune into Neo Vibe Radio, Monday 3/11 2-4 pm CST to listen in on this topic.Feel free to call in 972-591-8272 Tha Afterparty Radio   #Aside

Peace and
Blessings, Kai 

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