#TellUSHowYouReallyFeel .. Are rap videos really influential? Are they real or fake?

Written by on 22 March 2013

Do you know there is a new rapper who is on the rise? He goes by the name Lil’ Poopy. No, that is not a typo, Lil’ Poopy is his name and he is allegedly 9 or 10 years old (different resources have different ages printed) and lives in Massachusetts’s. He is currently apart of French Montanna’s crew, known as the Coke boys News broke recently that the boy’s father is under investigation from the Massachusetts Department of Families. The investigation allegedly stems from Poopy’s videos, which show him strolling through town in Ferraris and SUVs without wearing a seat belt. There was a video on YouTube that has been taken down since the investigation has begun. According to Enterprise News, the violating clip, called ‘Lil Poopy Getting it in,” allegedly features the 10-year old rapper playfully slapping a woman’s butt at a nightclub, the female then begins to gyrate against the boy and lift up his shirt.

Now I don’t know about y’all but it sounds to me that Lil Poopy has a lot going on! In one of his songs he says his grades are good and it’s time to visit the jewelry store. Oh really? I didn’t even know at 9 or 10, little boys had an interest in jewelry as a reward for good grades. The messages he sends walks a thin line with songs like “Coke ain’t a bad word it’s just soda.” At the age he is children are usually pretending and emulating what they want to be when they grow up….with him rapping about cocaine and guns is he emulating what he wants to be when he grows up? If so, what parent would be okay with knowingly allowing their child to portray and express such messages? Is this considered acceptable? In my research of this topic I have found that Lil Poopy is not alone, there are others, for example Albert; 6 years old and his song is called Booty Pop.

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Robyn L. E-Green

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