Afterparty in the House for Dallas Premiere of John Singleton’s ‘Snowfall’

Written by on 30 June 2017

Bringing his big screen swagger to the small screen, John singleton has scored another hit with FX’s “Snowfall.” With all of the splash, edginess, high-octane drama and OMG moments reminiscent of his seminal “Boyz n the Hood,” the upcoming show chronicles the rise of the crack cocaine epidemic, notably in 1980’s South Central. With an intricate storyline of seemingly-divergent characters, the show seamlessly converges sub-plots to form a fast-moving, edge-of-the-seat thriller that’s sure to have eyeballs glued to the screen every Wednesday at 10/9 PM CST yearning for more.

Tha Afterparty Radio was pleased to be in attendance at the premiere, where Mr. Singleton and cast members were in the house to answer audience questions during a wide-ranging Q&A. The writers and cast touched on everything from the Intra-Costa scandal that plays a large role in the show, to the cinematography, to costuming, to character development to even an audience member plugging himself for a role. Most poignantly, Mr. Singleton described the true effect of the crack epidemic in the black community succinctly by stating, “Crack was the only drug that could make black women leave their kids, not even slavery.”

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