$2 Mil for Tweets? Sounds Funny but Kevin Hart Cashing In

Written by on 20 March 2015

Remember that massive Sony hack attack when their emails got leaked in retaliation for producing the movie “The interview?” Well, in the midst of the racist emails, the name calling and all the pettiness sprinkled in, there were some emails about Kevin Hart. It seems a couple of executives were surreptitiously plotting to get the funnyman to tweet about “The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington. At a price tag of $2 million, it was all in an attempt to get minority audiences to see the movie.

This is a little funny in two ways but not in the usual Kevin Hart ha-ha kind of funny. First of all, some of these same movie executives were warned to not even cast Denzel in the first place because he doesn’t appeal enough to non-minority audiences. Secondly, do the execs think minorities are simply just going to fall in line because Kevin tells us to watch it? Yeah, kinda not so funny.

Anyway, Kevin claims not to be mad about the tweets.He says that people do it all the time and it’s really no big deal. He said, besides, he wasn’t even supposed to know about the emails, so it’s pretty much beyond him. When you think about it, in the 21st century, getting paid for tweeting about a product or service is about the same as making a commercial or signing on to be a brand ambassador. But 2 mil for a tweet? That seems a little over the top.

What do you think about this practice? Does it seem a little shady or underhanded? Does this influence your actions as a consumer? Would this make you more or less likely to go with the flow? #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

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