#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel .. Males Twerking: Is it an indication of sugar in the tank or not?

#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel .. Males Twerking: Is it an indication of sugar in the tank or not?

The newest dance craze at the hottest parties is “twerking”. Some may ask what is twerking. Twerking is the latest expression of hip popping meets booty shaking! Women wear the sexiest outfits (which normally include tightness) and shake what their momma gave them on beat and the more advance even do a few cheek tricks in the process. This dance has now made its way to the male population YouTube has been overflowed with videos of males performing this dance better than the average chick. So it makes you wonder with all this gyrating and hip shaking and bootlicious activity how does it fit when a man is twerking it? Well, this is up for debate. Many say these twerking men are simply sweeter than the average and have the potential to teach us sisters a thing or two about how it’s done. Now some say, this twerking has no indication about a males sexual orientation.

This topic is so HOT that it almost caused a riot in the station. We were watching a video and someone made a comment about the male dancer being homosexual and that being the reason why he was comfortable showcasing himself twerking. Well one of the men present was in total disharmony with that. He felt that just because the dancer is deciding to shake his rump does not give him a pass to be a part of the Gay community. Dancing, he said, has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Now from the outside looking in…well, we all have our thoughts about this. We want to hear yours. Is twerking for women only? Are straight men twerking? If a man twerks is it wrong to label him as a gay?

Guest Writer: Robyn L. E-Green