What does the disastrous Iowa caucus debacle say about the Democratic Party and the 2020 general election? If anything, it shows a party that wasn’t prepared, wasn’t led properly and one that managed to beat itself by trying to be too clever. Officials promised and promised that the process would run smoothly, but it was […]

The nominees are officially in and now is the time to start voting for those worthy enough to be nominees for The Party Awards 2018. Vote between now and November 23 and the winners will be announced at Tha Afterparty Radio’s 4th annual awards ceremony on Sunday, December 9. Visit to vote and purchase your […]

Show your support for your community and Tha Afterparty Radio’s Party Awards 2018 by nominating the people who are making radio and the world great again! Go to to nominate your favorites across various categories. Also, use the link to purchase your tickets right now for discounted prices. It’s just that easy, but the catch […]

The Party Awards 2018 are just around the corner and you know what that means? It’s time for the nominations to begin! Starting today until October 5, you can nominate your favorites in the following categories: The Artists to Watch The Song to Request Party Starter Best Visual Community Hero That’s My DJ Boss Business […]

Voting is up and running for The Party Awards 2017. Tha Afterparty Radio’s 3rd annual show wants to hear from you, so get to voting for the nominees you chose in the following categories: The Most Likely to Go Viral (Radio Show that Promotes Like Crazy) The Best Tea Spiller (Interviews/Guests) Sound Track Curator (Plays […]

The 2016 presidential election might be a laughingstock, but The Party Awards put on by Tha Afterparty Radio is the real deal, and your vote can really make a difference! Vote for the nominees that you actually chose and make sure that they get the coveted award in their respective categories. Best of all, you […]

Guess what? It’s time for the 2nd Annual Party Awards: Sweet 16 Edition!! Well, not quite yet, but in December, so it’s time to get those nominations in. It’s easy and fast. All you have to do is follow the prompts bellow, which is the official ballot. Then, just nominate whoever you like in each category, […]

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