Ready to show America that you’ve got talent? Well, “America’s Got Talent” is ready to see what you’ve got! One of television’s most popular and top-rated shows is currently holding auditions to see the best of the best. Whether you sing, dance, perform magic, tell jokes or anything that’s uniquely you, your chance is coming […]

The world of modeling is getting a makeover with Oxygen’s one-of-a-kind show, “Strut.” The reality show is based on the lives of models, and not just any models, but transgender models. Not only will the show focus on the modeling aspect of their lives, but their personal lives, transitioning and what it truly means to […]

Last night’s “Empire” was CRAZY! There were too many OMG moments to count, but in short, we had budding relationships, splintered relationships, homophobia, mental illness, Feds, drug abuse, attempted murder accusations, family betrayal and oh yeah, one crazy shooting scene. All of this is a build-up to the season finale that’s going to absolutely nuts […]

While “transgender” wasn’t in the common vernacular until quite recently, there’s been a tidal wave of transgender men and women coming to the forefront and showing the world who they are and what they stand for. Not wanting to be left off the tolerant train, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” debuted its first transgender cast […]

It’s Wednesday. It’s March 30. You know what that means, right? Return of “Empire!” Yes, the ground-breaking dramedy is back for its 3rd season with the antics of Cookie, Lucious, Jamal and the rest of ‘em. Last season left a lot of cliff-hangers. Who pushed Rhonda? Will she and the baby survive? How is Andre […]

Remember when “Empire” first hit the scene and it was a force to be reckoned with? Wednesday was no longer simply Wednesday but Empire Wednesday. The “Empire” reigned supreme with its over-the-top characters, dramatic plots and twists and turns that left you wishing you could fast-forward to the week ahead. This season? Not so much. […]

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