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While “Black Ink Crew” has wrapped for the season, Puma is anything but. If you think the Puma you see on “Black Ink Crew,” is the real Puma, you’re in for a surprise. Get his take on the celebrity life, his TV portrayal, family life, his take on politics and future endeavors. You definitely don’t […]

Can’t get enough of “Black Ink Crew?” Well, you’re in luck because Tha Afterparty Radio has you covered. Check out super duo, Puma and Quani, for a fun-filled, fast-paced interview on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. CST. Then come back for more with an in-depth interview on “Let’s Talk About It,” April 25th. Check out what’s going on […]

Reports are flying that Evelyn Lozada fromBasketball Wives has landed a new reality show on Oprah’s OWN network. The show will focus on her role as a mother and on her children and her thrilling relationship with fiancé L.A. Dodger’s player Carl Crawford. Lozada took a long break from reality television after being physically attacked by […]

A Dallas middle school teacher could be disciplined after showing a nude photo of herself to students in class. The Dallas Independent School District on Tuesday sent a letter to parents of students at J.L. Long Middle School. Principal Danielle Peters says an “inappropriate” photo was inadvertently shown Monday to students by a teacher. The letter says […]

Remember that massive Sony hack attack when their emails got leaked in retaliation for producing the movie “The interview?” Well, in the midst of the racist emails, the name calling and all the pettiness sprinkled in, there were some emails about Kevin Hart. It seems a couple of executives were surreptitiously plotting to get the […]

Okay, at this point we’ve probably all heard about the whole Angie Stone incident. In case, you missed it, here’s a little rundown: Angie got hit with aggravated assault charges for getting into a fight with her daughter, 30-year-old Diamond. They got into an altercation when Angie demanded that Diamond clean her room since Diamond […]

https://soundcloud.com/thaafterparty-radio/mix-and-mingle-ent-blackstreet-dallas-rev-60-sec-011515 Buy tickets here. Enter to win a pair of tickets to the concert! * indicates required Email Address * Contact Number * First Name Last Name

Let’s continue on with a conversation that Ty & The Sips started this past week — age ain’t nothing but a number or nah? It used to be when this topic was brought up it was in regards to an older man and a younger woman. Now, increasingly, it is focusing on the older woman/younger […]

Today the station was asked to be a presenter at A.W. Brown Leadership Academy’s career day. This year’s theme was “Community Helpers” which we were able to share the importance of internet radio to their elementary campus. The kids had alot to say about their futures as well as ways they would help their communities. […]

Guns, gangs and violence. Ever since the advent of gangsta rap, these themes have become synonymous with the genre. But now there’s a sub-genre of rap that seems to take the blood and gore a step further and to some, a little too far. Introducing drill music, Chicago’s answer to the 1980’s NWA and 1990’s […]

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