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Are you a Scandal fan? I am, I love me some Fitz and Olivia. You might be asking what am I doing rooting for the mistress or “side chick”. Well, if you know anything about this show, Fitz and Olivia belong together; they are “connected” or soul mates some would say. However, because we live […]

Do you know there is a new rapper who is on the rise? He goes by the name Lil’ Poopy. No, that is not a typo, Lil’ Poopy is his name and he is allegedly 9 or 10 years old (different resources have different ages printed) and lives in Massachusetts’s. He is currently apart of […]

Apparently there is such a shortage of good and drama free black women in the states that Black men are traveling (and some are even moving) to Brazil. I watched a recently released documentary about men purposely traveling  to Brazil to experience women who still have respect and appreciation for a man in a manner […]

So many of my friends and family are gay or transgender.  It never crossed my mind to have an opinion and I still don’t. Their choice was never my concern. However, after recent conversations, they’ve confided their family is not that cool with it.  It made me wonder about my own kids. I could not […]

The newest dance craze at the hottest parties is “twerking”. Some may ask what is twerking. Twerking is the latest expression of hip popping meets booty shaking! Women wear the sexiest outfits (which normally include tightness) and shake what their momma gave them on beat and the more advance even do a few cheek tricks […]

  Meet Coy.. A 6 yr  old first-grader who was born a boy but identifies as a girl…. Coy’s parents are fighting against the rules in a Colorado school that banned their child from using the girls’ restroom, which is the gender she identifies with. “We were very confused because everything was going so well, and they […]

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