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The girl that was brutally beaten during a videotaped showdown by a teen named Sharkeisha is speaking out. KHOU Houston has identified the victim in the video as Shamichael Manuel, a 17-year-old student at Cypress Creek High School, who was attacked by Sharkeisha over a boy. Shamichael told KHOU that she thought she was headed to a friend’s place to pick up some of […]

Omarosa‘s vistit to Bethenny Frankel‘s show this week has caused many round table discussion on whether or not black women and white women are truly on the same playing field. During her conversation with Bethenny, Omarosa made the following statement: “It’s different for you and I, and I’m an African American woman. You get to […]

As we acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness month the definition of “abuse” seems to differ among cultures. Would you agree that the African-American community is more accepting of verbal & physical abuse and even glorifies its use in the hip-hop culture and African-American cinema. Pimps are glorified and women are hurting. Not to mention the abuse […]

We’ve all heard the catch-phrase “deal-breaker,” as it pertains to romantic relationships. It’s an empowering reminder for people to strive for higher standards in relationships. But why does this idea only pertain to sexual relationships? Shouldn’t we have standards for all relationships? Like friendships? Business relationships?  We can’t pick our sisters or brothers, but we can decide if they’re our friends. […]

With so many people complaining over the direction of America under the Obama Administration. The Country wasn’t in a good condition prior to his now second term in office. Tell us how you really feel! Do you think the United States of America would’ve been in a better position had any of his campaign opponents […]

When you have been hurt deeply it can almost seem impossible that you will ever forgive and forget. Bury the hatchet. Let bygones be bygones. Kiss and make up. We have so many ways of describing forgiveness—but so few strategies for actually achieving it. “Forgive and forget,” the saying goes. But is that realistic for any of […]

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Would it be calling yourself a writer or a musician? Would it be asking for more money on your job? Would it be standing up to the person who sexually abused you as a child? In this touching video Lean In challenges women to face our fear […]

Did you know President Barack Obama has proposed increasing the federal minimum wage, raising it from $7.25 to $9 an hour? He also wants to tie future increases to inflation, so it adjusts automatically with the cost of living. The proposal would gradually increase federally required hourly wages to reach $9 by the end of 2015, […]

This week our #TUHYRF comes from our “Party Mail” from a listener in Tennessee. Letter to my ex-friend: Ok. Firstly, I don’t expect my best friends to disown the same people I disown or even to feel the same way about someone that I do just because I’m pissed off and angry at said person but there is something […]

The only thing that people talked about after this year’s Billboard Awards was Miguel’s epic #FAIL!! Afterwards, he decided not to hold his tongue and went on a rant in which, among other things, he claimed that “black people are the most judgmental people in the world.” “I’m proud of my heritage but honestly, black people […]

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