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Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to announce the latest addition to its all-star lineup. Added to the roster is “New Dallas Era” hosted by all-star cast Hottboyy, AB and DJ Chiz. Billed as the “hottest underground show,” listeners are treated to the latest in local music, culture and more. Catch the show on Thursdays 8-10 […]

Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to announce the latest addition to its all-star lineup. Added to the roster is “Public Sports Announcement” hosted by an all-star cast that allows listeners to “catch the latest sports news each week. The show airs on Sundays and Thursdays 8-10 p.m. on the A Side. Welcome our latest show […]

Thanks to your continued support, “UnCommonCents” is back this Wednesday and ready to dive head-first in the often-misunderstood world of porn. Joining the group is special guest and noted publisher/author of erotica and drama novels, along with screenplays, Ms. Sincere James. She will offer a unique perspective as the show discusses the prevalence of porn […]

As usual, “UnCommonCents” is ready to deliver one of its highly-anticipated shows this Wednesday live from the official Tha Afterparty studios. Join the crew as they discuss the unique challenges encountered within the LGBTQ community, including the constant discrimination, everyday challenges, misconceptions and so much more. It’s well-documented how pervasive bullying is towards this particular community, […]

What could be realer than a self-admitted side chick? How about a whole group of them on the aptly named “The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte”? The much-anticipated show is set to debut to much fanfare, curiosity and even disbelief. And, as a sneak peek, “Sound of Feelings” will have Tiffany Nicole, one of the […]

Ready to break up the humdrum of a Wednesday? All you have to do is tune into “UnCommonCents” for a mid-week pick-me-up with a big show on deck! The show is helping you make “Cents” of it all and why you need to realize your ex is no longer your mate and is free to […]

Whether you pride yourself on your common sense or your uncommon sense, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to join the fun this Wednesday night from 8-10 p.m. on “UnCommonCents” live on Tha Afterparty Radio. Join the discussion at 972-591-8272 as the gang tries to figure out what happened to the “Old School Family” […]

Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to announce the latest additions to its all-star lineup. Added to the roster are “Not Typical Church Folk” hosted by Ilajz. The show describes itself as “Christianity without religion. Real people, Real conversations,” and airs on Wednesdays 6-8 pm on the A Side. “Kiki J Explains” is hosted by, of […]

Whether you grew up in the ‘burbs, the ‘hood or in the country, there’s certain ways of life that connect the people in your community. This can also lead to a number of stereotypes about people in these particular areas. For good or bad, these stereotypes can follow you through life no matter how you […]

Adding to our already stellar line-up of shows, Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to announce the newest hits to the party: Entrepreneurs’ Night Club Food for the Soul The Oreo Show Bre-TV The Old School Vs. New Uncommon Cents Sound of Feelings If you haven’t checked them out yet, be sure to tune in. Check […]

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