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Somehow in the years that Kanye West boldly and provocatively called out George W. Bush for not doing enough for black people during Katrina to the present where he is essentially the black Muppet/token Negro/house nigga (insert your own description) for Donald Trump, Kanye has had a radical transformation. He keeps telling us he loves […]

Have there been any real lessons learned since the anniversary today that marks one year since of the deadliest shooting attack on police in U.S. history? The setting was Downtown Dallas, the event was a march against police brutality against unarmed black men. Then, in the blink of an eye, a paradoxical event occurred where […]

It’s finally happened – the first child was born without a gender…or something like that. The child is more than likely either male or female, but being born to a non-binary trans parent, the parent felt that the baby shouldn’t be burdened by gender. While gender norms and expectations can be burdensome at best and […]

The circle of low lives involved in the disappearance and ultimately, tragic death of Shavon Randle, continues to expand. For reasons that didn’t involve her, 13-year-old Shavon Randle was kidnapped and murdered, left discarded in an abandoned home with the body of a young male. Thanks to the public speaking up, FBI and law enforcement […]

Today is officially National HIV Testing Day. In its 30+ year existence in the public lexicon, this disease has seen such devastating effects, rapid growth, public stigmatization and fear of the unknown than perhaps any disease in modern memory. Known in its early days as the “gay disease,” and vilified for its ties to homosexuality, […]

Music is music and fans are fans, right? Not so much in the case of singer Tank who has been ridiculed, mocked and questioned since his performance at a Pride event over the weekend. Performing shirtless in front of a crowd of gay men, of course, the inevitable questioning of his sexuality came into play. […]

Happy Memorial Day and a heartfelt thank you to our fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protect the freedom and ideals of our great country. Make sure you tune in this Wednesday night for “UnCommonCents” from ThaAfterparty Radio♫ studios in downtown Dallas, airing live from 8-10 pm CST bringing you some more 🔥🔥🔥for […]

It’s no secret that rapper 50 Cent and his now-adult son, Marquise, don’t have the best of relationships. The contentious relationship between the two has, in fact, played itself all over social media. When things are so public, it’s no surprise that guess what – the public wants to get involved. Fans, haters, “experts” and […]

It’s been a full week since Election Day in America and the same divisiveness, contention and nastiness that characterized this uncharacteristic election has continued post-election day. With bitter battles of words, daily protests, chants of “not my president” and millions of outraged Americans, the election of Donald J. Trump has left more than a bitter […]

Another #Empire Wednesday is upon us, and as the season is heating up, the series is taking a decidedly different and more outspoken tune in light of all the racial turmoil in the country. With so many high-profile officer-involved shootings, the hit show couldn’t simply gloss over the subject. Instead, the series is incorporating the […]

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