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Tha Afterparty Radio is proud to announce that it just signed up its first L.A.-area show soon to broadcast to its ever-expanding audience! The Dallas-based online radio station recently announced that it will be opening a brand-new office in Inglewood, California, so to get the party started, the station has been seeking brand new shows, […]

Get your fill of quality programming right on Tha Afterparty Radio daily. Dallas, Texas’ premier online station has everything you need and more with an eclectic mix of talk radio that covers all the topics you care about – family, relationships, sex, gossip, politics, celebrity news, current events, religion, spirituality and so much more. Our […]

No matter your tastes, style or interests, there’s something at Tha Afterparty Radio sure to pique your curiosity. Current events, relationship advice, sex, politics, resolving family conflicts and workplace drama, uplifting conversations, spirituality, religion – the premier Internet radio station has you covered with quality programming that is sure to get you hooked. Download the […]

Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to announce the latest addition to its all-star lineup. Added to the roster is “Ask the Queen.” The eponymous Queen is Prudence TheAuset. The beloved spoken word artist from Dallas, TX “has hit the online airwaves answering questions from all genders related to relationships, sex, single parenting and more.” Catch […]

What could be realer than a self-admitted side chick? How about a whole group of them on the aptly named “The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte”? The much-anticipated show is set to debut to much fanfare, curiosity and even disbelief. And, as a sneak peek, “Sound of Feelings” will have Tiffany Nicole, one of the […]

Happy Memorial Day and a heartfelt thank you to our fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protect the freedom and ideals of our great country. Make sure you tune in this Wednesday night for “UnCommonCents” from ThaAfterparty Radio♫ studios in downtown Dallas, airing live from 8-10 pm CST bringing you some more 🔥🔥🔥for […]

Pop quiz: Is there a difference between sex and intimacy? Aren’t they just two words for the same thing? If you don’t think there’s a difference between the two, then it’s time for you to get an important lesson. And, who’s better to give it than Caramel ViXxXen and D Nasty of “Talking Dirty After […]

Do men really love and need sex more than women? Is sex on the first date ever okay? If you can’t have an orgasm, is there something wrong with you? Does enjoying fetishes make you weird? You’ve guessed it; it’s time for the sex talk! While people love the art of and talking about sex, […]

Do you see sex toys as something fun and playful to spice up things in the bedroom…or kitchen table…or car? Or, do you think sex toys are the next best thing to a real-life, breathing partner? On “Talking Dirty After Dark,” the time is here for, “Sex Toys: Weapons of Mass Seduction or Substitutes for […]

While your kids are ready to head back to school, “Talking Dirty After Dark” is going to help you get ready to head back to the bedroom with a special show this Sunday. Class is in session and your attendance is mandatory for Sex 101: What to Say, Ask and Do to Have Amazing Sex […]

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