“Insecure” is perfectly flawed, perfectly messy and perfectly perfect with its realer than real take on millennials, black women, relationships stereotypes and culture all perfectly meshed together to form a show that we haven’t seen the likes of before. Sharp, witty, clever and funny AF, “Insecure” touches a spot that other shows have failed to […]

The recent Gilbert Arenas ignorance brought this to mind and while it might be a silly question, let’s go ahead and ask it: Why is it “acceptable” for black men to be dark but not black women? Why is there so much bias, vitriol and intolerance thrown toward dark black women? Why must dark black […]

In honor and celebration of all the pretty brown girls out there doing awesome things and proving they are more than just their skin tone, International Pretty Brown Girl Day will be celebrated on Saturday, February 27. This celebratory day actualizes the mission of the Pretty Brown Girl Movement, which is celebrated the 4th Saturday […]

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