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Today is officially National HIV Testing Day. In its 30+ year existence in the public lexicon, this disease has seen such devastating effects, rapid growth, public stigmatization and fear of the unknown than perhaps any disease in modern memory. Known in its early days as the “gay disease,” and vilified for its ties to homosexuality, […]

What does “wrapping up” mean to you? What about “strapping up?” Condoms, foams, spermicides—the options are almost endless when it comes to safe sex. While there are many ways to have safer sex in this day and age, many people still choose not to follow. Lucky for you, “Simply Raw Radio” is going to discuss […]

Let’s look at the positive first: there’s been great strides in HIV research and treatment. Now, the negative: but we have a long way to go and much more work to be done. The disease’s effects can be staggering and even more so for minorities, women and the socioeconomically disadvantaged. You may not know it, […]

It’s April 1, the beginning of a new month and the beginning of new commemorations. Besides April showers and April Fool’s Day, you can expect to commemorate/celebrate: Arab-American Month Autism Awareness Month Earth Month Financial Literacy Month Jazz Appreciation Month Mathematics Awareness Month National 911 Education Month National Child Abuse Prevention Month National Poetry Month […]

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