What does the disastrous Iowa caucus debacle say about the Democratic Party and the 2020 general election? If anything, it shows a party that wasn’t prepared, wasn’t led properly and one that managed to beat itself by trying to be too clever. Officials promised and promised that the process would run smoothly, but it was […]

So-called “President” Trump has “crossed” the line too many times to count, but perhaps his outright racist, offensive and downright erroneous tweets on Sunday take the cake when he openly called out four female freshmen progressive lawmakers, known affectionately as “The Squad,” by telling them to “go back” to their countries. The problem is a) […]

Recently, we have begun hearing what seems to be an assault on SNAP benefits, or food stamps, and their recipients. This, in fact, is nothing new. Back in 1976, Ronald Reagan complained about folks purchasing T-bone steaks while receiving governmental aid. This political back-and-forth over what qualifies and what doesn’t has been a tug-and-war between […]

America have not experienced a major Government shutdown since 1995. Due to Congress not being able to reach an agreement regarding “Obamacare” a shut down has come into affect. Some say that the Republican party is blocking this bill strictly to show their blatant disrespect for the President. The reality is that no other president […]

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