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In news that you may have missed, an 86-year-old black man in South Carolina, Albert Chatfield, is now in intensive care after being tasered by police for what officials claim was for “his own good.” It all started on October 16 with calls that a man was driving erratically and the police initiated a traffic […]

While many think of a new year as a fresh new start, there’s still a continuation of headlines we would rather leave in the past, namely new videos of police brutality. A new take on a tired story is the fact that the latest videos on the block feature teen girls being manhandled by officers […]

There’s no doubt that Black Lives Matter has put race, police relations and civil rights on the forefront of the public consciousness. The movement has become a revolution that has brought together people from all walks of life, uniting people in a common cause that black people are being brutalized in this country every day […]

Once again, we’ve seen the social media posts, we’ve seen the memes, we’ve heard the chants, but what’s next after Sandra Bland’s death? It seems like every week, we’re hearing shouts of a new name — the latest victim of police brutality. And we have to remember all of the other names that we aren’t […]

Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old black woman found dead in a Texas jail cell, death is looking even more suspicious after the release of the dash cam video. A couple of discrepancies in the video makes it look as if it’s been doctored or edited. In one part, a white car going down the road seems […]

The now-infamous McKinney Pool Party video has gone viral over the weekend. Cellphone video shot by a white teenager at the party shows an aggressive white officer, now identified as Eric Casebolt, literally rolling onto the scene and harassing black youth. As the video progresses, he takes an alarmingly frightening and menacing tone toward the […]

There are a few high-profile names we hear in the news when we it comes to police shootings – Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray – but this year alone, there are hundreds more. Around 385 to be exact and that was since June 1. If this isn’t appalling enough, of the unarmed […]

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