Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to welcome a new addition to the party. “Behind Closed Doors” is gearing up to be the party’s newest hit. Hosted by Stefanie D, the show tackles the real issues that “we face on a daily basis from Christianity, freedom of speech, domestic violence, marriage, prosperity, and making a platform for […]

What happens when the seemingly perfect world shatters into a million pieces? What happens when the marriage crumbles and the career teeters? What happens when the friends you love depart? What happens when the life you loved and protected so carefully is no more? Is it time to give up? Of course not, it’s time […]

What could be realer than a self-admitted side chick? How about a whole group of them on the aptly named “The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte”? The much-anticipated show is set to debut to much fanfare, curiosity and even disbelief. And, as a sneak peek, “Sound of Feelings” will have Tiffany Nicole, one of the […]

Your mama might have always told you not to kiss and tell, but Simply Raw Radio wants you to go ahead and share those dating stories if you’re a 40+ single woman still in the dating game. If this describes you, you definitely don’t want to miss the show on Monday, June 6. Angela Kiss-Dallas […]

According to Nick Cannon, after his divorce from Mariah Carey, he doesn’t plan to ever get married again. Was the marriage that traumatizing? Was the divorce that bitter? Was marriage something that just wasn’t right for him? We don’t know all the specifics about the Nick/Mariah marriage/divorce, but theirs definitely isn’t an isolated event. We’ve […]

Celebrity’s are having fabulous million dollar weddings that last longer than their marriages. Before the divorce is final they are involved and expecting! Should there be a “nesting period” between relationships? What is an appropriate amount of time before re-committing to another mate?   TUNE IN TO YOUR FAVORITE SHOW AND BE A VIRTUAL CO-HOST […]

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