Okay, Afterparty Fam, there’s a new top 50 rappers list that’s making the rounds for some of its questionable choices. Now, everybody is wondering: “Where in the hell did this list come from?” With a NY-bend, the list has Joe Budden as #3 — yes, that Joe Budden. Styles P and Fabolous are ranked higher […]

Come get you some! Tha Afterparty Radio is your official plug when it comes to getting you the exposure needed to promote your start-up, increase your visibility, grow your audience, and/or reinvent, refresh and rebrand your business. We have the tools and creativity to create the perfect ads, promos, and commercials to take you to […]

If you’re gonna hang with the queen, be prepared to shut the hell up! If you remember, Tiffany Haddish recently dished about the time she spent with Beyoncé and how she’s protective of Jay-Z, etc. But, Miss Haddish forgot the cardinal rule — you don’t talk put Beyoncé’s business in the streets. Of course, the […]

In typical Kanye West fashion, the outspoken, outrageous and always offensive rapper went on a tirade at his latest concert. Amidst boos and chants, Kanye praised Donald Trump and embraced his style of politicking. In fact, if Kanye had bothered to vote, he would’ve voted for Trump because Hillary Clinton didn’t have the same media […]

After the release of “Lemonade,” everybody was up in arms about the status of Bey and Jay’s marriage. Has he been cheating? Has he been kicking it with a “Becky with the good hair?” Is Bey fed up? Are they getting a divorce? Well, a rumor from last week suggested that Jay-Z is planning to […]

In a new video, Jay Z labels the so-called war on drugs as an outright failure and basically racist, which many minorities can personally attest to. While it’s a fact that the rate of drug use among different races is basically proportionate, minorities, especially blacks, are targeted much more frequently. With higher arrest rates, lengthier […]

With the release of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” album, infidelity has been thrust into the spotlight due to Bey’s strong lyrics and raw emotion. Many people are debating whether or not it’s ever forgivable and if so, under which circumstances.  From listening to the album, it seems almost every song is alluding to her hubby’s continuous infidelity. […]

Uh-oh, sounds like some of those rumors about the stability of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship maybe true and maybe confirmed by none other than the Queen Bey herself.  While performing on her and her hubby’s “On the Run Tour,” in a heart-breaking and heart-felt melody, Bey sings, “Been riding with you for 12 years, why do […]

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