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The time has finally come for — Summer Jam 2017! This jam-packed jam is ready to hit the stage this Saturday, July 1. Showing love to DFW, your fave rappers, singers, artists, entertainers — whatever you want to call them — will be in the house. Put on by the Da B Spot Radio and […]

Music connects people like almost no other force. Music sets the soundtrack to life. Music is the force that propels culture forward. With all the power that music carries, it’s not surprising that artists behind the music are put in the forefront, but unfortunately, it is all too often the same elite group of artists. […]

Though they weren’t on Tha Afterparty Radio’s Run The Beat Cypher original roster, three rappers came to show up, show out and put their names on the map. Their names? P90, Lil Mike 23 and Draper, all hailing from Louisiana, came to represent The Boot and their own brand of rap. Although they are under […]

We hear the same thing from DFW artists—there’s no support among DFW rappers. While individuals will promote their own music, they often overlook their fellow rappers and fail to realize or recognize that they all have the same goal: creating quality music for their fans to enjoy. This is nothing new and has been going […]

Join Tha Afterparty Radio for the Run The Beat Cypher. This cypher is a break-out, artistic project being put on by Tha Afterparty Radio in keeping with our mission of supporting underground/local artists. This cypher isn’t like the cookie-cutter cyphers you’re used to seeing but will be bring the rawness, grit and uniqueness that only the […]

June is Black Music Month, so celebrate the genre as a whole with your favorite artists, mainstream and underground. Since black music is such a pivotal part of society and culture, it’s only fitting that it gets a whole month of recognition. Whether you’re into old school, new school, R&B, hip-hop, soul, rock, sub-genres, or […]

Well, it’s official…Tha Afterparty Radio will be live at the SXSW Music Festival! On Saturday, March 19 at 8:00 p.m., Tha Afterparty will be live broadcasting at the BeWhat’sNext showcase featuring some of the hottest artists around. Stay tuned as we have these artists on our live shows leading up to the big day! #FollowMe […]

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