As we begin February, we commence the celebration of Black History Month. In honor of celebrating our history, we will highlight important pieces of Black History that have affected American and world history. Get ready to see the trailblazers, martyrs and revolutionaries and their momentous accomplishments as a way to not only remember their contributions […]

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, we should hold on to his dream even more so as we face an increasingly uncertain country. At times when we may feel lost, forgotten, faceless, voiceless, or just plain invisible, it’s important to keep in mind that we all have a place in this nation and we […]

Are you ready to celebrate some great women in history? Here you go because March is the month to celebrate all the extraordinary women, well-known or otherwise, who made history, broke barriers and left the world a little bit better having been here. Whether it was politics, science and technology, fashion or cultural, these women have […]

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