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Join Tha Afterparty Radio for the Run The Beat Cypher. This cypher is a break-out, artistic project being put on by Tha Afterparty Radio in keeping with our mission of supporting underground/local artists. This cypher isn’t like the cookie-cutter cyphers you’re used to seeing but will be bring the rawness, grit and uniqueness that only the […]

June is Black Music Month, so celebrate the genre as a whole with your favorite artists, mainstream and underground. Since black music is such a pivotal part of society and culture, it’s only fitting that it gets a whole month of recognition. Whether you’re into old school, new school, R&B, hip-hop, soul, rock, sub-genres, or […]

It’s Wednesday. It’s March 30. You know what that means, right? Return of “Empire!” Yes, the ground-breaking dramedy is back for its 3rd season with the antics of Cookie, Lucious, Jamal and the rest of ‘em. Last season left a lot of cliff-hangers. Who pushed Rhonda? Will she and the baby survive? How is Andre […]

What little grip that Kanye West had on reality, propriety and sensibility has seemed to have completely evaporated into thin air. He’s been at constant war with any and everybody he seems to deem against him – Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, Taylor Swift, the media. He’s publicly admitting his more than $53 million in debt […]

Although he swept the rap categories as many predicted, Kendrick Lamar not only made his presence felt with his music prowess at the Grammys but he made the plight of blacks in this country very real with his stirring performances. Not one to take the easy road and duck confrontation, Kendrick took the Grammy audience […]

A new documentary has a former LAPD officer fingering Puff Daddy for the murder of Tupac as a hit. Not only that, but former/sometimes rapper, 50 Cent, is calling Puffy out where he believes that the Bad Boy mogul is responsible for the legendary rapper’s death. Since this is speculation and Puffy hasn’t been charged, […]

In typical Kanye West fashion, he tweeted that he’s “so happy to be finished with the best album of all time,” alluding to his 7th studio album titled, “Swish.” It’s going on 3 whole years that the masses have had to deal with Kanye not dropping an album, so Kanye has to deliver. Due to […]

Kim Kardashian alluded to it earlier this month and now Kanye has resumed his #EveryFriday where he drops a little something until the release of his album on Feb. 11. His latest drop is titled “No More Parties in L.A.” and features the most sought-after rapper of late, Kendrick Lamar. Take a listen and let us […]

Get the New Year’s started right with a hip-hop classic from Naughty by Nature. Enjoy!

Remember when “Empire” first hit the scene and it was a force to be reckoned with? Wednesday was no longer simply Wednesday but Empire Wednesday. The “Empire” reigned supreme with its over-the-top characters, dramatic plots and twists and turns that left you wishing you could fast-forward to the week ahead. This season? Not so much. […]

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