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Oooohh, chile, Blac Chyna’s mama came out swinging and didn’t hold anything back against one Ms. Caitlyn Jenner. Mama Tokyo Toni took major offense to Jenner appearing on “The View,” after claiming to have never met Chyna and making a dig, insinuating that Rob should’ve chosen his baby mama better. Well, mama wasn’t having none […]

One day you’re madly in love and the next — well, you can’t stand to look at that person or even hear their name. Case in point, Lil Wayne and Birdman. The rapping duo, who once considered themselves like father, like son, splintered somewhere along their 20+ year musical odyssey. Wayne is accusing Birdman of […]

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1 December 2014

What’s beef? Apparently, it seems to be a tried and true technique that many artists can’t seem to do without. Whether to drum up a little buzz for a newcomer, give an established artist a little bit of shine or simply settling a personal vendetta, beef can serve many purposes. And no matter the reason […]

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