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Are you a Scandal fan? I am, I love me some Fitz and Olivia. You might be asking what am I doing rooting for the mistress or “side chick”. Well, if you know anything about this show, Fitz and Olivia belong together; they are “connected” or soul mates some would say. However, because we live […]

Tha Afterparty crew had to join in the wave of Harlem Shake videos! Check out the video and photos!!! p.s. the Blow Up Doll was a virgin when we met her…..

Do you know there is a new rapper who is on the rise? He goes by the name Lil’ Poopy. No, that is not a typo, Lil’ Poopy is his name and he is allegedly 9 or 10 years old (different resources have different ages printed) and lives in Massachusetts’s. He is currently apart of […]

Ladies.. Ladies.. Ladies.. April Nicole will revisit the Aroma’s character series & solve some relationship issues… To get a lil taste of the convo check out her personal blog !! DON’T MISS THIS SHOW… Tonight 8-10p!  

So many of my friends and family are gay or transgender.  It never crossed my mind to have an opinion and I still don’t. Their choice was never my concern. However, after recent conversations, they’ve confided their family is not that cool with it.  It made me wonder about my own kids. I could not […]

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