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It’s Wednesday. It’s March 30. You know what that means, right? Return of “Empire!” Yes, the ground-breaking dramedy is back for its 3rd season with the antics of Cookie, Lucious, Jamal and the rest of ‘em. Last season left a lot of cliff-hangers. Who pushed Rhonda? Will she and the baby survive? How is Andre […]

The always controversial R&B star, Chris Brown, will be featured in his own documentary called “Welcome to My World.” It basically will give an up close and personal look at Brown’s life and show his downward spiral from the sweet-faced teen who danced and sung his way onto the world’s stage to the social pariah that many view […]

After years of shunning the spotlight, the highly-acclaimed but oft-absent Lauryn Hill seems to be back. She appeared with The Weeknd for a special appearance on the “Tonight Show.” Lauryn was actually supposed to perform on the Grammys last week but pulled out at the last moment due to the things not being confirmed, according […]

What little grip that Kanye West had on reality, propriety and sensibility has seemed to have completely evaporated into thin air. He’s been at constant war with any and everybody he seems to deem against him – Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, Taylor Swift, the media. He’s publicly admitting his more than $53 million in debt […]

Although he swept the rap categories as many predicted, Kendrick Lamar not only made his presence felt with his music prowess at the Grammys but he made the plight of blacks in this country very real with his stirring performances. Not one to take the easy road and duck confrontation, Kendrick took the Grammy audience […]

Yes, Beyoncé did it again. Just when you think she couldn’t top herself, she came and hit us with “Formation.” The song that is proudly unapologetically black, bold, brash and feminist and has the Internet on fire. In the song, she talks about her culture, upbringing and how everything came together to create the magnificent […]

This Throwback Thursday, let’s remember a legend — the “Unforgettable” Natalie Cole.

Despite getting signed to a major label and facing the pressures and demands of the music industry, Chanté Moore has always enjoyed singing about what she believes in which she credits to her growing up in the church and singing gospel. “It’s wonderful to sing what I believe. Gospel has kept me regimented about singing […]

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