Black Lives Matter

After the Justice Department announced last month that NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo wouldn’t be brought up on federal charges for the chokehold that killed Eric Garner in 2014, a judge on Friday determined that Pantaleo should be fired. After the judge’s determination, the NYPD announced that Pantaleo would be suspended before the police commissioner makes […]

Over the weekend, we’ve not only seen an unprecedented number of players take a stand against the ongoing National Anthem protests and Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks in response to them, but also coaches, management and even owners. While teams like the Ravens saw a majority of players take a knee, and even Trump-supporting teams like the […]

Have there been any real lessons learned since the anniversary today that marks one year since of the deadliest shooting attack on police in U.S. history? The setting was Downtown Dallas, the event was a march against police brutality against unarmed black men. Then, in the blink of an eye, a paradoxical event occurred where […]

Despite T.I.’s and Lil Wayne’s once-strong friendship inside and out of the booth, T.I. seemingly has no place for Wayne after his controversial remarks involving the Black Lives Matter movement made last year. While both are known for their outspoken ways, T.I. felt the need to hold Wayne to task for his seemingly ignorant and […]

While many think of a new year as a fresh new start, there’s still a continuation of headlines we would rather leave in the past, namely new videos of police brutality. A new take on a tired story is the fact that the latest videos on the block feature teen girls being manhandled by officers […]

Between a rash of high-profile officer-involved shootings to civilian-on-police massacres in Dallas and now Baton Rouge to increasingly angry and violent protests to the condemnation of Black Lives Matter to polarized views nationwide, Summer Sixteen has turned out to be anything but sweet. Reminiscent of the 1960s with a cultural revolution seeming to take shape, […]

America has failed us since we’ve been in this country and that failure is more evident than ever. The laws, the justice system, the political parties—none of them are meant to make black people feel respected, safe or even welcome in this country. Anybody with any common sense knows that this is nothing new, but […]

The not-convicted murderer, George Zimmerman, claimed that Trayvon Martin’s parents didn’t raise the teen right, but maybe the statement holds true for Zimmerman who has zero class and can’t seem to shut up. It’s bad enough that he got away with murder, attacking girlfriends and who knows what else, but the fact that he keeps […]

There’s currently a movement and petition going around that says the “b” should be capitalized when referring to black people. The reason? To signify our humanity, importance and cultural relevance and to distinguish us from simply the color black like in “black clothes” or a “black car.” A writer, Demetrius Walker, is spearheading the movement through […]

Although he swept the rap categories as many predicted, Kendrick Lamar not only made his presence felt with his music prowess at the Grammys but he made the plight of blacks in this country very real with his stirring performances. Not one to take the easy road and duck confrontation, Kendrick took the Grammy audience […]

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