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We’ve got your black history facts every day, all month long. Here’s a few to get you through the weekend. On February 2, 1897, Alfred L. Cralle invented and patented the ice cream scoop at the age of 30. In 1915, Ernest Just, a science and academic writer and biologist, was named “Scientist of the […]

Come every February 1, there’s arguing, discussing, protesting, analyzing and reflecting on whether having a Black History Month is still significant. However, there’s not the same push back against Hispanic Heritage Month or American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month or Irish-American Heritage Month. Why is that? While some may argue that black history is American history […]

It’s February, so you know what that means – yes, it’s Black History Month. While there’s always some type of controversy surrounding the month where memorable black Americans and historical events are recognized and commemorated, Black History Matters and now more than ever. Honoring this special month, Tha Afterparty Radio will post trivia questions every […]

It’s been an ongoing dialogue for years, but the argument still persists: do we still need to have a month designated for Black History? It’s been argued that if black people really want to be seen as equal in this country, then we shouldn’t separate ourselves out. Singling ourselves out is just making it harder […]

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