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Time’s Up has their eyes squarely on the Pied Piper of R&B. The movement is coming after the troubled and controversial R&B star after years of basically unchecked behavior by Kelly, which has included everything from dating to marrying underage singer Aaliyah to producing and appearing in the infamous child pornography tapes to a sex […]

If you’re gonna hang with the queen, be prepared to shut the hell up! If you remember, Tiffany Haddish recently dished about the time she spent with Beyoncé and how she’s protective of Jay-Z, etc. But, Miss Haddish forgot the cardinal rule — you don’t talk put Beyoncé’s business in the streets. Of course, the […]

With #OscarsSoWhite still fresh on the minds of the public, many were waiting to see the backlash from the backlash for this year’s Oscars. While there was some sort of concerted effort to include more actors, actresses and movies of color, many were wondering whether they were simply nominated based solely on their merit or […]

“Hidden Figures” continues to be the surprise of the year, especially in a landscape where Hollywood is just opening its eyes to the fact that a movie with a predominantly black female cast is bankable. Along with its massive popularity, the movie continues to pick up major award nods and wins, including the Screen Actor […]

While #OscarsSoWhite trended in 2016 with ferocity and backlash, the 2017 Golden Globes was a picture of diversity with the black arts shining brightly in the spotlight instead of fading in the background. Since the Golden Globes are a good predictor of Oscar winners, maybe this year’s Oscars will look a lot less whitewashed and […]

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