Bill Cosby

From “America’s dad” to the monumentally less flattering label of “sexual predator,” Bill Cosby’s fall from grace almost seems like a TV movie that the once beloved star could’ve starred in, except this time it’s not TV land, but reality and Mr. Cosby has a slew of real-world issues to answer for. With decades of […]

Time’s Up has their eyes squarely on the Pied Piper of R&B. The movement is coming after the troubled and controversial R&B star after years of basically unchecked behavior by Kelly, which has included everything from dating to marrying underage singer Aaliyah to producing and appearing in the infamous child pornography tapes to a sex […]

As Bill Cosby’s trial for drugging and molesting a woman gets underway, some serious questions are being raised about the role of race in jury selection proceedings. The current pool of 11 jurors only contains one black woman. While two black women have been dismissed by prosecutors, they gave compelling reasons as to why, which […]

After decades of rumors, innuendos, complaints and cover-ups, Bill Cosby is finally going to have his day in court for allegations of sexual assault. His trial date has been set for no later than June 5, 2017; however, a wrench has been thrown into the mix – Bill Cosby is said to be blind. The […]

Yes, that’s right. Just because you’re black and Bill Cosby is black doesn’t mean you have to expound his so-called innocence at every turn. Of course, there have been too many black men to name who have fallen victim to an unfair and unjust legal system. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the […]

Damon, Damon, Damon, why did you have to jump into the Bill Cosby debacle of did he/didn’t he? How many celebrities have come out in support of Cosby only to be butchered by the public, made to apologize and made to look like straight up fools once new evidence came to light? Well, obviously Damon […]

First thing’s first, despite the fact many people think the myriad of drug and rape allegations are part of some recent campaign to smear Bill Cosby’s legacy, these rumors have been around for many years. Little tidbits would leak out but they would just as suddenly be swept right back under the rug. However, for […]

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