During the unforgettable, free-wheeling, rambling tirade in the White House a few months ago, a frenetic Kanye West all but said that a reported diagnosis of his mental illness was erroneous and, he didn’t suffer from any mental disorders except for his self-purported genius. “Mental illness” almost seemed beyond him and, he couldn’t dare be […]

If you’re gonna hang with the queen, be prepared to shut the hell up! If you remember, Tiffany Haddish recently dished about the time she spent with Beyoncé and how she’s protective of Jay-Z, etc. But, Miss Haddish forgot the cardinal rule — you don’t talk put Beyoncé’s business in the streets. Of course, the […]

Oooohh, chile, Blac Chyna’s mama came out swinging and didn’t hold anything back against one Ms. Caitlyn Jenner. Mama Tokyo Toni took major offense to Jenner appearing on “The View,” after claiming to have never met Chyna and making a dig, insinuating that Rob should’ve chosen his baby mama better. Well, mama wasn’t having none […]

Despite T.I.’s and Lil Wayne’s once-strong friendship inside and out of the booth, T.I. seemingly has no place for Wayne after his controversial remarks involving the Black Lives Matter movement made last year. While both are known for their outspoken ways, T.I. felt the need to hold Wayne to task for his seemingly ignorant and […]

Recent rumors suggest that Oprah and Tyler Perry aren’t getting along too well, personally or professionally. Anonymous sources have said that Tyler doesn’t take well to Queen O’s critiques for his shows and isn’t trying to hear advice even from the Queen of Media. Now, people are saying that Oprah is saying that Tyler is […]

A new documentary has a former LAPD officer fingering Puff Daddy for the murder of Tupac as a hit. Not only that, but former/sometimes rapper, 50 Cent, is calling Puffy out where he believes that the Bad Boy mogul is responsible for the legendary rapper’s death. Since this is speculation and Puffy hasn’t been charged, […]

Well, apparently Kim K. can be. She and Amber Rose have a shared history of being involved with one Mr. Kanye West with Kim as the current and Amber Rose as the ex. After a prolonged beef, the two ladies have buried the hatchet and even took a selfie together to announce to the world […]

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17 September 2013

Does beef count as major when it’s between underground artists? Well apparently it does if you’re name is Billie Brasco, rapper, and Bryon Williams, producer. Allegedly the two were super cool until Brasco kicked Williams off his upcoming track and then the fur started flying as well as the insults on Facebook and other social […]

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