Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to welcome the latest addition to The Party South’s B Side. “What Men Can’t Say” is saying all the things men want to say but can’t “about life, business, relationships and family using truth, common sense and simple advice.” Be warned — this show is for mature audiences. Catch this […]

Tha Afterparty Radio is pleased to announce the latest addition to its all-star lineup. Added to the roster is “Ask the Queen.” The eponymous Queen is Prudence TheAuset. The beloved spoken word artist from Dallas, TX “has hit the online airwaves answering questions from all genders related to relationships, sex, single parenting and more.” Catch […]

It may be hard to believe it, but money has no power or value on its own but it surely brings power and gives a person value once it’s acquired. But how do you get money and more importantly, how do you hold on to it? How do you avoid blowing that newly acquired money? […]

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