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The Big O – you may have heard about it, but have you experienced it? Is it a myth? Is it something that only a lucky few are fortunate enough to experience? Regardless of your own experience or your thoughts about it, “Talking Dirty After Dark” is going to explore the exciting world of orgasms! […]

While your kids are ready to head back to school, “Talking Dirty After Dark” is going to help you get ready to head back to the bedroom with a special show this Sunday. Class is in session and your attendance is mandatory for Sex 101: What to Say, Ask and Do to Have Amazing Sex […]

When you think of a stripper what comes to mind? Do you think of a sensual dancer using the body to entertain and inspire or do you think of somebody taking their clothes off for money? Regardless of what comes to mind, it’s time to enter the world of stripping. A world where the body […]

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