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Okay, Afterparty Fam, there’s a new top 50 rappers list that’s making the rounds for some of its questionable choices. Now, everybody is wondering: “Where in the hell did this list come from?” With a NY-bend, the list has Joe Budden as #3 — yes, that Joe Budden. Styles P and Fabolous are ranked higher […]

It’s no secret that rapper 50 Cent and his now-adult son, Marquise, don’t have the best of relationships. The contentious relationship between the two has, in fact, played itself all over social media. When things are so public, it’s no surprise that guess what – the public wants to get involved. Fans, haters, “experts” and […]

A new documentary has a former LAPD officer fingering Puff Daddy for the murder of Tupac as a hit. Not only that, but former/sometimes rapper, 50 Cent, is calling Puffy out where he believes that the Bad Boy mogul is responsible for the legendary rapper’s death. Since this is speculation and Puffy hasn’t been charged, […]

By now, it’s been reported and confirmed that rapper/actor 50 Cent is broke and had to file for bankruptcy. After the millions of albums sold, roles in several major movies, endorsements, including a reported $100 million and just being one of the biggest stars since the 2000’s, you would expect 50 to have a few […]

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